Advice on Thailand Visa Overstay Regulations

  1. Thailand Immigration overstay rules

Overstaying your visa is illegal.  If you overstay for a short period you will have to pay a fine.  However,  if you overstay for more than 90 days then it is a serious offence and the result will be you are deported from Thailand and banned from visiting again.  The length of the ban depends on how long you have overstayed your visa.

If you are caught overstaying by an Immigration officer, then it can result in being taken to jail if you are not able to pay the fine or have a long overstay.

From 20th March 2016, if you are caught overstaying by even one day, you will face a ban from re-entering Thailand of five years. If you have overstayed by more than one year, you will face a ban of ten years.

If you have a very long overstay and turn yourself in to the authorities you will have to go before a judge in court. The overstay fine is usually waived and in it’s place a smaller fine imposed.   You will then be held in the IDC ( Immigration Detention Center ) until you can arrange for a ticket on a direct flight back to your own country.  You will then have to pay a small fee to the immigration officers to take you to the airport and accompany you through Immigration, where you will get the blacklist stamp in your passport, and to the gate.  Your passport will be given to a steward on the flight and they will return it to you when you land in your home country.

How much is the fine for overstaying?

The fine depends on the number of days you have overstayed. The minimum charge is 500 Baht per day.  This goes to a maximum of 20,000 Baht for overstays of 40 days or longer.

The good news is that if your overstay is under 90 days and you  pay the fine  then leave the country then you won’t have any problem returning to Thailand at a future date.  There won’t be any black mark next to your name.

What is overstaying?

Overstaying is when someone resides in Thailand for a period exceeding the length of time they are permitted to do so by their visa or entry stamp.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not overstay.

However, the Thai Immigration officials realise that sometimes people make mistakes and book a flight a day too late or their plans change, a flight is cancelled and they have to leave a day late.  In cases such as these, with a few hours overstay, the 500 Baht overstay fine is usually waived.

If you are in a situation like this, don’t panic.  Just explain to the immigration officer when you are being stamped out of the county.  Apologise and you will be treated fairly.

If you have a longer overstay, for example, 1 week, then you will be required to pay this ( 7 days x 500 Baht = 3,500 Baht )  before you can leave the country.  It is easiest to pay when you fly out.  Again, explain the reason to the immigration office at the airport, then you will be taken to a nearby counter when you can pay the overstay fine.  Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover this. If not, then you may be taken to the holding cells until you can raise funds.

Children under the age of 15 are not charged a fine for overstaying but still get overstay stamps when they leave the country. Being exempt from the fine does not make them exempt from needing a valid visa entry or extension to stay in the country.

Consequences of overstaying your Thai visa

Please note that repeated violations of overstaying can hold serious consequences. In the event that you have had a few overstays, your passport could be stamped with a stamp declaring you in violation of the immigration laws and regulations of Thailand.

This stamp will label you as an “undesirable alien”, which could make travel and obtaining entry to other countries much harder than it should be.

Where is the Immigration Detention Centre?

The IDC is located in central Bangkok at the Immigration Office on Soi Suanplu, Bangkok.  This is where anyone who has been arrested for overstaying will be held prior to attending court and then whilst waiting for their flight back home to be arranged.

You can call on: 02 213 2369 but it is better to go in person.  Go to Building 5 at the IDC.  You will need the overstayer’s details: Name, nationality, age, arrest date and location.



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  1. Hello, I will go from Romania to Phuket with Turkish Airlines (tickets Bucharest-Istambul 23.11.2019 / Istambul-Phuket 08.01.2020). I will go for visa on arrival (VOA) in Phuket what is available 15 days, but after a time I realized that my stay will be about 16 days so I will have a one day overstay. I’m concerned about what some people say, about I can be restricted to board on the flight from Istambul to Phuket. It is someone here who been in that situation and can say how it was and if the rumors are true? I can really be banned to board to Thailand? Thank you so much!

  2. Hello
    I have or had a situation with my Country America where I had to pay some money and I have done so, I have been waiting on my Passport to be released and I still wait. I began this process approx. 5 mos ago. The fees I owed were paid several weeks prior to my Current Passport expiring, allowing plenty of time for them to release my new one. I anticipate the Passport arriving to me in the coming weeks. The process and lethargy of American offices is ridiculous. A very big reason I left there. The only Office that is any good to me is the VA.

    I have been in an “overstay” status not for 42 days. I went into immigration a month prior to the overstay beginning as I knew this day was coming..and I have been in constant communication with them yet they are unable to help me until my Passport arrives.
    I am Married to a Thai here and I love Thailand. Obviously it is the Thai that care about me where as America does not. My Country will discard you as soon as your no longer useful to them.

    How much more time do I have the Embassy will not give me a Letter stating I am waiting on my Passport and will do nothing to help me, all they say to me is I must be prepared to pay the DS 11 fee again..Sigh, America haha
    Mon I will begin to seek a Lawyer as I want to protect myself, my Wifes English is Limited thus a K1 or 6 mos visiting Visa is no good, my Option and desire is to stay here in Thailand. I am writing this for opinion on my situation and if anyone has a recommendation for a Lawyer pls let me know.
    Thank You All

  3. How can I enter the kingdom again if my passport is stamped banned I m not allowed to go to Bangkok , but I want to go coz I love the country.

  4. I have been overstayed 3.5 years in Thailand returned back to Uk in January 2019 I have paid 20000 Bath fine in Bangkok Airport I m willing to visit Bangkok again would it be any problem for me at Airport entry check?
    I never had any ban stamp on my passport

    1. An overstay of over 3 years is an automatic 5 year ban from re-entering Thailand. So I don’t advise trying to enter until that period has expired.

  5. Hello sir,
    I have overstayed 83 days now, and have already booked flight ticked to my country this Saturday, so that would be 88 days in total. But i have already prepared 20000 baht for the fine.
    May i ask where exactly should i pay the fine at the airport? And Would I be banned to entering Thailand for 1 year?
    Thank you so much.

    1. When you get to the immigration counter, the officer will see you have overstay and will take you to the Overstay counter nearby where you can pay the fine. Please note that entry into Thailand is at the discretion of the Immigration officer on duty. It isn’t guaranteed.

  6. In January this year I was on phuket when a tropical storm hit. Planes and boats were not allowed to leave. I ended up paying the fine and apologising upon departure. However, I have just read that as of march 2016 even one day overstay will see me banned for 5 years. Is this correct, as I have a flight booked for next month for a 3 & 1/2 week holiday. When I spoke to the immigration officer he said I would be OK to return, but now I am worried

    Please confirm my status

    1. You won’t have a problem returning.

      There is now an automatic ban for people caught overstaying. But this doesn’t apply to those who are leaving the country & pay the overstay fine at the airport.

  7. i have a 60 day tourist visa, which ends on the 27th october, but my flight back is on the 28th at 1am which is on the 61st day, but i will check in at 10:30 on the 27th, is this a problem?

  8. My visa runs out on 3rd November 2019 which is 3 days before my flight back to the UAE (but I am a UK citizen). What’s the best thing to do?

  9. Hi
    If I have flights booked from say the 1st of February to the 10th of May, and get a 60 day tourists visa with a 30 day extension, would it be ok to pay the fine at the airport for the extra 10 days? Would there be any consequences other than the 500 b a day? thanks.

    1. You can pay the overstay fine when you leave. Bear in mind that overstaying may affect your chances of being allowed into the country in the future.

  10. I have over 3 months overstay. If i book my flights and have the fine money ready to pay at the airport will i be okay and be allowed to fly home?

    1. Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems if you have a ticket back to your own country and 20,000 Baht to pay the overstay fine.

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