Advice on Thailand Visa Overstay Regulations

  1. Thailand Immigration overstay rules

Overstaying your visa is illegal.  If you overstay for a short period you will have to pay a fine.  However,  if you overstay for more than 90 days then it is a serious offence and the result will be you are deported from Thailand and banned from visiting again.  The length of the ban depends on how long you have overstayed your visa.

If you are caught overstaying by an Immigration officer, then it can result in being taken to jail if you are not able to pay the fine or have a long overstay.

From 20th March 2016, if you are caught overstaying by even one day, you will face a ban from re-entering Thailand of five years. If you have overstayed by more than one year, you will face a ban of ten years.

If you have a very long overstay and turn yourself in to the authorities you will have to go before a judge in court. The overstay fine is usually waived and in it’s place a smaller fine imposed.   You will then be held in the IDC ( Immigration Detention Center ) until you can arrange for a ticket on a direct flight back to your own country.  You will then have to pay a small fee to the immigration officers to take you to the airport and accompany you through Immigration, where you will get the blacklist stamp in your passport, and to the gate.  Your passport will be given to a steward on the flight and they will return it to you when you land in your home country.

How much is the fine for overstaying?

The fine depends on the number of days you have overstayed. The minimum charge is 500 Baht per day.  This goes to a maximum of 20,000 Baht for overstays of 40 days or longer.

The good news is that if your overstay is under 90 days and you  pay the fine  then leave the country then you won’t have any problem returning to Thailand at a future date.  There won’t be any black mark next to your name.

What is overstaying?

Overstaying is when someone resides in Thailand for a period exceeding the length of time they are permitted to do so by their visa or entry stamp.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not overstay.

However, the Thai Immigration officials realise that sometimes people make mistakes and book a flight a day too late or their plans change, a flight is cancelled and they have to leave a day late.  In cases such as these, with a few hours overstay, the 500 Baht overstay fine is usually waived.

If you are in a situation like this, don’t panic.  Just explain to the immigration officer when you are being stamped out of the county.  Apologise and you will be treated fairly.

If you have a longer overstay, for example, 1 week, then you will be required to pay this ( 7 days x 500 Baht = 3,500 Baht )  before you can leave the country.  It is easiest to pay when you fly out.  Again, explain the reason to the immigration office at the airport, then you will be taken to a nearby counter when you can pay the overstay fine.  Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover this. If not, then you may be taken to the holding cells until you can raise funds.

Children under the age of 15 are not charged a fine for overstaying but still get overstay stamps when they leave the country. Being exempt from the fine does not make them exempt from needing a valid visa entry or extension to stay in the country.

Consequences of overstaying your Thai visa

Please note that repeated violations of overstaying can hold serious consequences. In the event that you have had a few overstays, your passport could be stamped with a stamp declaring you in violation of the immigration laws and regulations of Thailand.

This stamp will label you as an “undesirable alien”, which could make travel and obtaining entry to other countries much harder than it should be.

Where is the Immigration Detention Centre?

The IDC is located in central Bangkok at the Immigration Office on Soi Suanplu, Bangkok.  This is where anyone who has been arrested for overstaying will be held prior to attending court and then whilst waiting for their flight back home to be arranged.

You can call on: 02 213 2369 but it is better to go in person.  Go to Building 5 at the IDC.  You will need the overstayer’s details: Name, nationality, age, arrest date and location.



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  1. I didn’t realize that you’re only given 30 days in country and already had tickets booked for a 6 week stay. Just had this pointed out checking into our last hotel and are quite ok with paying the fine as we leave the country. My question is, can we pay by credit card or do we have to have cash? Also, is there an ATM there to get said cash? I believe we’re only going to be over by 13 days (6500 baht each) but don’t want to grab padding cash before headed home due to exchange

  2. Hello i have overstay 89 days and left Thailand already with fine of 20,000 thb. Immigration officer at airport says that because its 89 days i don’t get black listed.
    Next week i plan to visit Asia and Thailand also. Is there can be any problems of previous overstay?

    Thank you.

    1. You will probably be asked to prove you are a genuine tourist. i.e. have hotel bookings, flight out of the country and money to support yourself.

  3. long I can stay in Thailand without Visa.. just use my passport only..25 days @ 30 days.. because I want to visit my related..

  4. My visa expires Feb 9 and I need to apply for visa extension. The immigration office opens Monday the 10th so I will be one day late. If I pay the fine, can I still get extension? And can i come back to Thailand or will I have a ban because I overstay by one day?

    1. Monday is a holiday in Thailand. The office will be open on Tuesday. You can do it then. There wont be any penalty as it is due to a government holiday.

  5. I m overstay 40 days now in thailand and its my mistake because i have child with my thai girlfriend and now i want go back but i dont have funds to pay fine but i can arrange my ticket pls give me information what i do

    1. If you can’t pay the fine you will have to wait in the Immigration Detention Centre until a court date is set. You will need money to pay the fine and to buy a plane ticket. It is better for you to get someone to send you the money or sell some things to get the money to pay the fine at the airport when you leave.

      1. I can buy ticket no problem but dont have money for pay fine, if i direct go on airport for flight then what airport immigration do with me if i can not avail to pay fine

        1. If you can’t pay the fine, you will be taken to the Immigration Detention Centre. You will have to stay there until you can pay the fine. And you will need to buy a new ticket home.

  6. We had plan to travel from China to Bangkok on 14 February. But all flights have been cancelled due to spread of Corona virus. So our tourist visa to Thailand will expire. Do they have any plan to extend visa because of this situation?

  7. Hi, I has been cheated by the Agent. The Agent bring me from Malaysia to Thailand and now the agent already run away with my passport. I am overstayed in Thailand without my passport. Now I need to go back my home country pakistan urgently. What I should do now please help. Thanks

  8. Hi, I have a question about cost of overstay for asylum seekers. When an asylum seeker is finally sent to a safe country, do they have to pay overstay when they leave?
    It seems a bit unfair when after years of waiting to be given a place to live in another, they have to pay the maximum fine, 20,000 bht, when they exit the country. Is this correct? Is there a charity that can help them?

  9. Overstay Clearance

    One of friend overstay in Thailand almost 82 days. Now he want to go back on day 90. Can you tell me he can pay fine at the airport? Which area of the airport and before check in or after check in ?

    Does he face any difficulties or ban ? 20,000 he’s willing to pay. Does the office will arrest him or just take fine n good to go

    1 more thing he overstayed last year as well but he paid fine and go back his country and come back on tourist visa

    Thanks n Regards

  10. Dear Admin,

    My Permission to Stay is August 22nd 2020.
    My PE visa expires on March 17th 2020.

    How long can I stay without a visa extension?


  11. I have booked my flight for the wrong date. My visa expires 26 March 2020 but my deperture flight is 30 March 2020. Do I pay the fine on 30 March at the airport or shall I pay in advance?

    1. You can pay it at the airport when you leave. The immigration officer who stamps you out of Thailand will show you where to pay.

  12. actually i.ll entry to thailand only 2 day..but i forgot to stamp out my pasport..after six month am realize this matters..what can i do..pls advice

  13. I’m worried & not sure what the next step should be. When we arrived we filled out the form given to us on the airplane TM6 and it was stamped 13 Dec 2019. Below the stamp it is preprinted 90 days. However, I just noticed in our physical passport, the stamp shows December 13- January 11, 2020. Oh no! Our departure flight is February 15. We thought we had 90 days. Which is correct? How should this be handled? The closest immigration office is in Krabi. Should we go there or wait until flying out?

    1. You will have to pay the overstay fine which is 500 Baht per day, up to a maximum of 20,000 Baht.

      It is your responsibility to check how long you are allowed to stay in a country without a visa & also check the stamp in your passport.

  14. Hello & good day! I wish to ask advice about my overstay in Thailand. I overstayed my visa for almost 6 months now (which is the biggest mistake I have done while in Thailand) and I wish to surrender and go back home to my country. Is it a best choice if I surrender in the immigration office at the city where i am now or should I surrender myself to the immigration officers in the airport? Which is safest choice to make? Please help me

      1. Dear admin,
        I came into Thailand 1997 with my german passport and didn’t used it since then because I have thai citizenship also. But now I need to leave to USA with my german citizenship because no visa needed. Please can you advise me what to do with over 20 years of overstay. Can I just buy the flight ticket and go to the airport and pay the fine or will I be arrested? Thanks.

        1. You can pay the overstay fine at the airport. But you will be banned from re-entering Thailand. You cannot choose which nationality is convenient to enter and leave and try to avoid the laws. If you are now a Thai citizen, then
          then you have to exit Thailand as a Thai citizen.

  15. Hi,

    My 90 day tourist visa (60 days + 30 days extension) expires on the 4th of March. I will be in a monastery from the 31st of Feb to 29th of Feb and then would really like to attend another meditation retreat from 1st of March to 11th of March, so the earliest I could leave the county would be 12th of March = 8 days over staying my tourist visa.
    Would you be able to advice what is the best course of action in this situation. Is there a way that I could extend my visa once again? Or should I just pay the fine when leaving on the 12th and if so, could there be any other consequences for over staying my visa?
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    1. You can pay the overstay fine when you leave the country. But note that if you are caught staying illegally before you go to the airport, there is the possibility of a 1 year blacklist from re-entering Thailand.

  16. Hi
    how posible re-enter Thailand after the end of stay in a immigration blacklist . Will the name be remotely automatic after the deadline or need to contact the Thai Embassy?

    1. You can try to re-enter after the blacklist period is up. But note that entry into Thailand isn’t guaranteed. It is at the discretion of the Immigration officer on duty.

  17. Will a 3 year old child be fined and blacklisted from Thailand for overstay the same as an adult? Also, would a child overstaying his visa affect the child’s guardian’s visa if the guardian has a valid visa?

    1. Children under 15 years old who overstay in Thailand do not have to pay an overstay fine. They won’t be blacklisted as they will be travelling with parents.

  18. Good day hello I overstayed my visa by 90 days I payed the fine at the airport I got banned for one year ,that ban has finished now,
    I have booked a flight too return too thailand
    I hop4 too stay for 1 month ,I have a return ticket ,but no hotel booked ,do i need two book hotel
    The reason for overstay was a family tragedy
    Will I be ok too re enter thailand now the ban has finished

    1. Entry is at the discretion of the immigration officer on duty. You can be asked to show an onward ticket out of Thailand, hotel booking and 20,000 Baht in cash or equivalent ion other currency. So it is better to meet these requirements.

    1. Good evening,

      I have a question regarding my overstay. Prior to leaving to Thailand for 6 weeks, it was our plan to first travel to Thailand, then Vietnam en then back tot Thailand. With this plan, we did not need a visa. However, we decided to stay in Thailand for the whole 6 weeks so now we do need a visa. How can we organise this?


      1. You can extend the 30 day visa exemption that you got when you flew into Thailand for an additional 30 days at any immigration office.

        1. Thank you for your answer. With the 30 Day visa exemption, you mean the TM6 departure card? That is the only thing we got at the airport.

          1. You got a stamp in your passport when you entered Thailand that says how long you can stay. The stamp is the visa exemption. It says you don’t need a visa to stay for that length of time.

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