Advice on Thailand Visa Overstay Regulations

  1. Thailand Immigration overstay rules

Overstaying your visa is illegal.  If you overstay for a short period you will have to pay a fine.  However,  if you overstay for more than 90 days then it is a serious offence and the result will be you are deported from Thailand and banned from visiting again.  The length of the ban depends on how long you have overstayed your visa.

If you are caught overstaying by an Immigration officer, then it can result in being taken to jail if you are not able to pay the fine or have a long overstay.

From 20th March 2016, if you are caught overstaying by even one day, you will face a ban from re-entering Thailand of five years. If you have overstayed by more than one year, you will face a ban of ten years.

If you have a very long overstay and turn yourself in to the authorities you will have to go before a judge in court. The overstay fine is usually waived and in it’s place a smaller fine imposed.   You will then be held in the IDC ( Immigration Detention Center ) until you can arrange for a ticket on a direct flight back to your own country.  You will then have to pay a small fee to the immigration officers to take you to the airport and accompany you through Immigration, where you will get the blacklist stamp in your passport, and to the gate.  Your passport will be given to a steward on the flight and they will return it to you when you land in your home country.

How much is the fine for overstaying?

The fine depends on the number of days you have overstayed. The minimum charge is 500 Baht per day.  This goes to a maximum of 20,000 Baht for overstays of 40 days or longer.

The good news is that if your overstay is under 90 days and you  pay the fine  then leave the country then you won’t have any problem returning to Thailand at a future date.  There won’t be any black mark next to your name.

What is overstaying?

Overstaying is when someone resides in Thailand for a period exceeding the length of time they are permitted to do so by their visa or entry stamp.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not overstay.

However, the Thai Immigration officials realise that sometimes people make mistakes and book a flight a day too late or their plans change, a flight is cancelled and they have to leave a day late.  In cases such as these, with a few hours overstay, the 500 Baht overstay fine is usually waived.

If you are in a situation like this, don’t panic.  Just explain to the immigration officer when you are being stamped out of the county.  Apologise and you will be treated fairly.

If you have a longer overstay, for example, 1 week, then you will be required to pay this ( 7 days x 500 Baht = 3,500 Baht )  before you can leave the country.  It is easiest to pay when you fly out.  Again, explain the reason to the immigration office at the airport, then you will be taken to a nearby counter when you can pay the overstay fine.  Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover this. If not, then you may be taken to the holding cells until you can raise funds.

Children under the age of 15 are not charged a fine for overstaying but still get overstay stamps when they leave the country. Being exempt from the fine does not make them exempt from needing a valid visa entry or extension to stay in the country.

Consequences of overstaying your Thai visa

Please note that repeated violations of overstaying can hold serious consequences. In the event that you have had a few overstays, your passport could be stamped with a stamp declaring you in violation of the immigration laws and regulations of Thailand.

This stamp will label you as an “undesirable alien”, which could make travel and obtaining entry to other countries much harder than it should be.

Where is the Immigration Detention Centre?

The IDC is located in central Bangkok at the Immigration Office on Soi Suanplu, Bangkok.  This is where anyone who has been arrested for overstaying will be held prior to attending court and then whilst waiting for their flight back home to be arranged.

You can call on: 02 213 2369 but it is better to go in person.  Go to Building 5 at the IDC.  You will need the overstayer’s details: Name, nationality, age, arrest date and location.



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  1. I overstayed by 2 years but left on my own and paid the 20,00 baht. They didn’t put anything on my passport that I’m banned.. This was in 2015, will I have problems returning to Thailand for a visit?. What will happen if I return before the 3 years ban is over… What will happen?. Thank you.

    1. The automatic ban for overstaying more than 90 days came into effect from 20 March 2016.

      So, if there is nothing stamped in your passport, you won’t be on the blacklist.

      However, if you visit Thailand again you will probably be asked to show proof of funds, hotel booking, return ticket by Immigration

  2. what to do after a court case, your visa expired because your passport was hold for bail? My friend overstays for 20 days now because he have to wait for him to be called at the court. Now the case is finished at the court, we are going to get his bail and passport at the police. What should he do with his expired visa?

    1. There is a provision in the Immigration Act for extensions due to legal proceedings :

      7.25 In case of entering for any
      juridical proceedings or judiciary.
      Each time of permission shall be granted for a period not exceeding 90

      (1) Have evidence affirming the relation to the juridical proceedings or judiciary such as being the accuser, sufferer, accused, plaintiff, defendant or witness etc.

      1. Application form
      2. Copy of the applicant’s passport
      3. Certified letter issued by the inquiry official who is in charge of the case or any document showing that the applicant is related to the juridical proceedings or judiciary.

  3. I overstayed my visa and departed 23/07/17 and got a 1 year ban stamped in m passport
    When i re-enter in about 3 weeks time is it ok for me to just get the normal visa on arrival when i arrive in Bangkok

    1. Yes. But you may well be asked to provide proof of funds to support yourself, hotel booking(s) for your time in Thailand and an onward ticket. You’ll have to show that you don’t plan on overstaying again.

  4. Hello everyone . My friend overstay for 120days is there any chance to avoid the ban ???
    What are the consequences ??

  5. Hi
    I’m overstay already 2, years
    And my passport also finish now
    Now I want to go back to my country

    As I know I will be blacklist

    So please let me know I have to contact layer before departure to finish black list
    Or when i reach my country I contact thai layer to finsh black list.
    As I will make new passport .
    So have any problem for another country for getting visa?

    1. Before you leave Thailand you need to get either a new passport or an emergency travel document from your embassy. You cannot travel without that.

  6. asking for May Friend his Visa until today ,he want to stay here for 1month but the problem is the immigration for visa extension are close today and tomorrow sunday,what should he do ?May I know sir/maam if they can allow him to stay?and how much he will pay for ?thank you so much sir/maam

  7. Hello,
    I would like your advice.
    If i know some people who have overstayed for 1 year and more in bangkok; and they do not even think about going back home, or care about the situation; what can i do ? If they are in bangkok? Could you handle this situation?

      1. What if the person over-stayed for more than 10 years and working illegally with no work permit or expired passport also?

        1. They cannot leave the country with an expired passport. They will have to get a new one before they can leave.

          If the immigration office catch them working illegally, they will be arrested and taken to the Immigration Detention Centre.

  8. Hi
    My friend is overstay in Thailand almost 11 months.and he wanna go back to his country.
    He can get flight ticket to his country and he can pay the visa fee
    So can he face with any problem at the airport or can he leave thailand without problem ?
    Thank you for answer

  9. If someone overstays there visa by 89 days, then goings to the airport, and pays the fine(20,000thb) and leaves the country, would they not get blacklisted and still allowed to re-entry in under one year?

    1. If you are 89 days that’s OK. The law states 90 days or more.

      But be sure to count your days correctly. The day you entered Thailand is Day 1.

      1. if the visa expired 11th sept would it not be 89 day after 11th sept or would it be the date when arrived 10th aug? thanks for your help

  10. I have had 25 days of overstay due to the fact that I lost my passport in Bangkok and my country’s embassy could only receive me 1 long month later!! Plus 2 weeks to get the new passport done. I paid the fine for 25 days and came back to Thailand several times with tourist visas and by plane. I always was accepted but everytime (at Airports only) I get questioned or looked at like if i had done a bad thing when it was not my fault if my country’s embassy was overbooked and they could not receive me fast even if I urged them about the fact that they will clearly put me in an overstay situation. Now everytime i go to Thailand I not feel comfortable and I go there to see my girlfriend cos she works there.
    I would liked to know if I am flagged in their computer for 25 days overstay that I had and if yes for how long cos am tired to worry everytime. Because of this situation I always carry with me the papers and email copies that show that I lost my passport and urged my embassy to get an appointment and that they reply sorry we are full you must wait 1 month! (also thinking to complain about the embassy’s attitude but this won’t lead me far I think). TIA

    1. You pay at the airport. Queue up as normal at Immigration. When it is your turn, tell the officer you have overstayed and you will be directed to the desks behind the immigration counters when the fine will be processed.

  11. Where at the Airport do you pay the Over stay fine? At the ticket terminal or a Immigration Center in the Airport?

  12. Bonjour
    Je suis en dépassement depuis 84 jours je pars demain .j’aimerais savoir si je vais juste payer l’amande et pouvoir partir.
    Ou si je risque d’être bloquée.J’ai vu des cas pas rassurant.
    La raison est que j’ai fais confiance à un français qui est volontaire pour la police a Phuket .Je lui est donner 60000 bath pour qu’il m’ inscrive a l’école et me faire mon visa .Et au bout de 3mois il me dit qu’il y a eu un problème et que mon visa est terminée.
    Merci de vos reponses

    1. There isn’t an automatic banlacklisting for overstays under 90 days.

      Please note that you should only obtain visas in a legal way. You should make a police report if you have been tricked out of money.

  13. Good afternoon. I would like to ask if i can still get blacklisted stamp even if i have valid reason why i’m overstayed? Like, i lost my passport and my Embassy needs to process it. I will pay for the fine but i will go back to my country already.

    1. You will still be blacklisted.

      You could have got an emergency travel document from your embassy which would have allowed you to go back to your own country and get a new passport quickly.

      ( it is common for people ‘lose’ passports or find they are stolen and hope this will prevent them being blacklisted, but it doesn’t. )

  14. I’ve overstayed by 100 days I plan to pay the fine and leave tomorrow but is there a way to not to be banned for 1 year or get back?

  15. Hi..I’m from malaysia..My visa will expired on 29 august but my flight on 1 September.Should i get extensions visa?

    1. If you want want to do things legally, then you should get an visa extension. Please obey the laws of the countries that you visit.

  16. Hi Sir/Madam,
    My visa on arrival will be expired on Aug 28th, and Thai customer’s project needs another 3 or 4 days to complete, and I will over stay for these 3 or 4 days. Any serious record on my passport? If I come to Thailand next time with any Thai visas, will I be rejected entry? And If I want to travel to other countries in the future, is their any possibilities of rejection due to my 3-day overstay in Thailand? Thanks.

    1. If you want to be legal, simply go to the immigration office in the area where you are staying and extend your visa. This costs 1900 Baht. You’ll need a passport photo & photocopies of the main page & visa page + TM6 departure card.

      But if you overstay once for a couple of days it won’t be a big issue for future visits to Thailand.

  17. We have a Standbyticket and tried already to get on two flights, but they were totally overbooked. Which means we have to overstay for 1-2 days.

    We are allowed to stay until 26th of August, so it shouldn’t be a problem to leave on the 27th/28th.
    As I have a Standbyticket – how long does it take, to get out and pay the fine? We’ll get the tickets at around 50 minutes prior departure, that means we don’t have a lot of time.

    1. It depends how busy the immigration queues are. But paying the fine shouldn’t take more than 15 – 20 minutes, assuming there aren’t other people waiting.

  18. Hi sir I have flight on 25 August at 2:00 am and my visa expire on 24th. Because I gave my passport for visa then I just accept today . Should I pay fine and where I can pay it ?
    Thanks for your help

    1. It is very unlikely you will have to pay for a couple of hours overstay. Usually immigration officers forgive up to 24 hours overstay as people often make a mistake with dates or flight timings.

      If you do have to pay, it is at a desk in the immigration area.

  19. Hi,
    I am from Spain and 2 months ago I was deported from Thailand because of a 2 day overstay. Now I am blacklisted for 5 years.

    In fact, I had an arrest warrant (national, not international) in Spain and at the airport when I was leaving Thailand, the Immigration Officer told me that the 5 years blacklist was because I was already blacklisted somewhere else (meaning Spain).

    He told me that I could try to come back to Thailand earlier if my problems in Spain were solved. He told me that then I would have to go to the Thai Embassy in Spain, the only way to remove my blacklist from abroad.

    Nonetheless, the blacklist documents state that I only have 90 days after the deportation to appeal the blacklist.

    I had an arrest warrant in Spain because I had to go to a court hearing and as police could not locate me for more than 6 months, they issued the warrant. I went to renew my passport at the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok and then Immigration Police arrested me for the “2 day oferstay”.

    Once I arrived in Spain, I went to court and I was able to walk free without any problems. I even have a new passport and I am allowed to travel anywhere anytime I desire. Until the final trial is celebrated, it can take a couple of years and meanwhile I am free to do whatever I want because I am innocent and I am only accused of a minor ofence (which is a huge mistake because I did nothing).

    I have a thai girlfriend and I really would not like to be separated from her for 5 years, as well as, I lived in Thailand for 4 years and I have lots of friends that I would not like to lose contact with.

    Obviously, I am not interested on fleeing or on avoiding spanish authorities, there are many countries in the world where I can go and hide but I am not dumb nor a criminal. I just want to visit my girlfriend in Thailand a few times a year until the issue is cleared and solved.

    I am wondering if I can only appeal the blacklist under the 90 day period after being deported or it is even possible to make an appeal after those 90 days with possibilities to win.

    I really do not want to go to Cambodia to meet my thai girlfriend, that is a huge hussle.

    Thank you.

  20. Im from UK on a 60 day visa and extended it for another 30 at immigration. It now runs out on the 31st. I heard that i can extend for another 7 days, is this right? If do what do i do pls?

    1. You can only extend the visa for 30 days.

      A long time ago it was possible to get an extension and a subsequent 7 day extension. But not now.

  21. Hi, my visa on arrival will expire on 2 September. Thinking I was staying for only 1 month I booked a flight on the 3th September back home, forgetting that the month of August counts 31 days. On the 3th September I will take a flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and leave Bangkok a few hours later back home. This means I will overstay my visa for 1 day. Can this cause any problems on any of the flights?

    1. You shouldn’t have any problems. It is a common mistake people make and a 1 day overstay is usually forgiven by Immigration officers.

  22. Sir I stay India now 1year 2 months before I over stay Thailand I have 2 babes wen I come see my babe in Thailand please help me sir I wan my banned fenesh please what
    I do please reply

        1. You won’t be given a new visa and may well not be allowed back into Thailand if you are expecting to get a visa exemption when you land in Bangkok.

          You need to provide evidence to convince officials you won’t overstay again.

  23. Hi. I have a problem. I wanted to get a new visa because my will expire today. I will stay here for 9 more days in Thailand. The problem is that the immigration office in Bangkok is closed on sunday and tomorow is a national holiday because today is Mother’s Day. So I will have an overstay of two days when I go to the immigration office in two days. Will it be a problem to extend my stay for than 7 days? I know it’s my failure but they told me I can go there on every day. Thanks for your help!!!

    1. If the reason for you not extending your visa in time is because the Immigration office is closed, then it is OK to extend the visa on the next working day. So you should go there on Tuesday 14 August and you shouldn’t have any problem extending it.

  24. I fly from Phuket through AirAsia flight At 11:30 am which reaches Bangkok on 15 August at 12:50am, my International flight check in at 2 am but My Visa expires on 14th August, Am I on overstay & Do I have to pay fine, Thanks for your help

    1. Technically it is an overstay but it is extremely unlikely you will have to pay a fine for a couple of hours when you are just changing planes. So, don’t worry.

  25. im from norway my norway passport is overstay i thailand 1 year! but i dont live in thailand in a year. i live in myanweddey myanmar now what can i do if i enter thailand ? can i go to maesot airport? can i fly to maesot to bangkok? i aready buy ticket maesot to bangkok. and bangkok to norway ! please tell me

    1. If you overstayed before then it depends if you were banned from entering Thailand.

      If you were, then you can only re-enter when the period of the ban is over.

  26. Hello i will go to thailand for 1 month without visa, August 17th for a return on September 17th. But as i can see there are 31 days on the 2 months… will Bangkok immigration let me into the country? while the return is in 31 days, and not 30 days. Thanks you. Marc

    1. The Immigration officials at the airport usually won’t ask to see to see your ticket. But the airline staff might want you to have a visa for Thailand when you check in. If they notice that your flight out is more than 30 days from your entry date then they can ask to see your visa. If you don’t have one then then can refuse to let you fly. That isn’t a Thai immigration policy it is the airline’s. As it is only a day extra, it is unlikely to be a big problem. But you should be aware of it.

  27. Hi. I’m spanish and i’m actually in Thailand. I had the stamp for the visa exemption on 19th july, but I made a mistake buying the return flight and it’s on the 20th august (7AM)..I didn’t think about the 30 days when I booked it.
    So I guess it will be 2-3 days of overstay. I was comparing prices and thinking if it’s better to leave the country for 4-5 days before it expires, extend my visa or just pay the fee (that’s the cheapest option).
    However, my return flight is not back home but to India (New Delhi). In case i’ll keep the overstay and pay the fee, could it be a problem? Do they oblige you to go back to your home country? Thanks.

    1. 2-3 days overstay isn’t a serious problem. You just pay the fine at the airport. It doesn’t matter that you are flying to India not your own country. ( You only have to fly to your own country if you have a long overstay and will also be banned from re-entering Thailand. )

      1. What about if they find me travelling during overstay days, for example during a random passport control? Can I have legal problems? I don’t know if it worth the risk just for 400THB of difference, but I always prefer the expert’s opinion.

        1. If you are picked up by the police for some reason then, by law, they have to take you into custody as you are overstaying illegally. If you want to be legal then you should extend your visa at an immigration office.

    2. No problems what soever at the airport ,immigration take you to the side in front of a desk,they explain the overstay and you pay the fine,your next destination is not their concern.

  28. I dont know nothing before enter thailand useing visa or overstay!
    I am from norway I have overstay one year in thailand without visa ! But i dont live in thailand!
    i live i myanmar now i help my grandmorther very sick in myanmar she die 1 week ago now i want to go back to norway how much i have to pay for one year?

  29. Hi.. i have a tourist visa valid for 15 days and my ticket back home is booked for 4 days later. Is it better to pay the fine at the airport when i go or to renew my visa now? Will my passport get stamped if i get the fine?

  30. Hello sir/madam i am from nepal and i am in 60 day tourist visa. I am with my thai girlfriend and i still have around 17 days left in my visa to stay in thailand. Now i have decided to live together with my girlfriend and marry her but she want to finish her study here in thailand. Can i extend my visa or change my visa for longer stay? Which type of visa should I require?

    1. A 60 day tourist visa can be extended for an extra 30 days at an immigration office. The cost is 1,900 Baht.

      There isn’t a long term visa for living with someone. If you get married you could get a visa based on your marriage to a Thai citizen.

  31. Hello,
    I got a multiple tourists visa but I didn’t make exit In time I got 3days over stay can my visa still be valid if I pay the 3 day over stay n make exit to China?

  32. If in an instance that you are an overstay and you will just go directly to the airport on the day of your departure and pay the 20,000 fine, will that be ok?

  33. Hello! My extended visa is expired on 12th, i get my visa to Myanmar on the 13th, but i was so sick so i can’t left just tomorrow. My flight to home is on 24th from Bangkok. My question is maybe i will have problem to come back? Because i will cross on the Thai-Myanmar friendship bridge.
    Thank you!

    1. You will have to pay an overstay fine when you leave Thailand. But you shouldn’t have any problem when you return, assuming that you either have a Tourist Visa or can get a 15 or 30 day visa exemption ( depending on your nationality ) and that you haven’t overstayed before and can also provide proof of your plane ticket home, accommodation in Thailand and funds to support yourself.

  34. Hello, could I ask… I went to Bangkok for the first time and overstayed by 5 days on my 30 day visa exemption. I have a flight tonight and hope to get back in. The people in Cambodia wouldn’t allow me back in because of lack of funds. Now I have funds would I be allowed to enter again? I have a flight out on the 26th to Vietnam. I’m really worried about this

    1. If you meet the requirements of funds, accommodation booked and ticket out of Thailand, then you shouldn’t have a problem entering. Assuming you don’t have multiple consecutive visas which might indicate you are working here, rather than visiting as a tourist.

      1. I should probably tell you I also got a denied stamp in my visa when I tried to cross back. But… it just says because of lack of funds

  35. Hi my flight is on 15 July at 5AM, but my visa on arrival expires on 14 July. I got my visa on arrival on 30 June 11:40pm, I didn’t then realize that my visa would expire 14 July, otherwise I would’ve waited 20 more minutes. What should I do now?

    1. Don’t worry. The Immigration officers will almost always forgive a short overstay as situations like yours are common. The worst thing is a 500 Baht fine. But I expect that if you apologise for the oversight, the officer will stamp you out without any problem.

  36. Hi
    I have a THAI non-0 visa expired at March 2019,
    Now 28 June 2018 90days
    Now still not go to imbassy to report will get fine?

  37. I’m from USA and overstayed my 60 day tourist visa 16 days. I kept planning to leave and even bought two separate plane tickets out but some drama with my girlfriend (and my own foolishness) prevented me from leaving in time. In retrospect I should have just gotten a 30 day extension. I assumed I could leave and just pay the fine as long as I didn’t get arrested for some crime.

    Sadly, Thai Immigration Officers came to my luxury hotel in Pattaya on the morning of my 16th day over. They took me to jail and I ended up in IDC until I got a ticket. On departure I was given the 5 year ban stamp.

    Is there any way to appeal that ban? My only argument would be that I was not arrested for a crime or any thing like that. I was just careless. (The rules says if you “surrender” there is no ban but doesn’t define “surrender”. When Immigration came to my hotel and asked to speak with me, I did surrender…)

    1. Unfortunately ignoring the law isn’t a good defence. You can try contacting a lawyer and see if they can help.

      Surrender means that you voluntarily go to Immigration and disclose your overstay.

  38. Hellow how can blacklist fenesh in Thailand I have thai family and my babe now I Chang name my passport and passport no can come Thailand aney probalam or not

    1. You will be able to re-enter Thailand when the blacklist expires. You can change your name and passport number but most countries link the old passport details to the new one on the chip in the passport. Remember your date of birth, nationality, fingerprints and face will be the same. Also note that trying to illegally enter Thailand is a serious crime.

  39. Hi
    I have a THAI working visa expired at May 2019,
    last Stamp 26 MAR 2018 for arriving visa(White card)
    Now 8 JULY 2018 more than 90days will get fine ?

    1. Thailand doesn’t have work visas, you will have a Non Immigrant B visa. If you have a single entry visa and it expires in May 2019 then you don’t have to worry. Check with your employer as they will have staff who handle the visa and Work permit process for employees. Or contact your local immigration office.

  40. Hello,

    I am currently in Bangkok and I just had knee surgery. I tried to get an extension on my visa with the assistance of the international hospital but when I did I didn’t realize that my pages are all taken up. I made a trip to the US embassy and started the process of a new passport that will be available for pick up on July 16th but my visa is up on the 10th. I understand the charges per day but is there anything else I should expect? Do you have any recommendations for me? I plan on picking up my passport the 16th in the morning and heading straight to immigration. Thank you for your help I look forward to any response.

  41. I hold an Indonesian passport. From Thai embassy website, I read that I can stay for 30 days. When I fill up the arrival/departure card, again it’s written in the card that: I have to proof that I have a flight to leave the country after 30 days.

    However, when I get my passport stamped in the airport, I’m only given 29 days.

    I have already bought my return tix and did all arrangements for staying in Thailand for 30 days.

    Can I stay up to 30 days?

    Thank you.

    1. If you believe the date is incorrect, you can go to your local Immigration office and show them the stamps and they may be able to correct it for you. But quite a few people make simple mistakes with dates, so a 1 day overstay is not a problem. You can explain the situation to the immigration officer when you leave the country and won’t have to pay the 500 Baht overstay fine if there is a genuine mistake with the 30 day stamp.

  42. Hello
    I want to ask your suggestion about my case.
    I am with my 6 years old daughter now, I want my daughter to study here in the school I’m working but the problem is she don’t want to learn here, she’s always crying and my plan is to go back home on the last week of february 2019, so she will stay here for almost 8 months but she will not be back. Do I need to make visa for her?or I will just let her have the overstay stamp when we will leave the country?

    1. You should get an education visa for your child as they are breaking the law by staying without a visa. However, children under 7 years old cannot be punished for breaking the Immigration laws. ( Section 73A: A child not yet over seven years of age shall not be punished for committing what is provided by the law to be an offence. )

  43. Hello
    Im working in Thailand oficial with visa Non B and work permit, can have a chance get visa for my family ( husband) stay with me together in Thailand? Have procedure and type of visa i can get for him , and what documents we neted to preparied? Need to prepare same documents from my employer?
    Thank you

  44. Hello
    Im opened turist visa in Lao for 90 days only time came to Thailand i get visa stamp for 60 days and after i will not attentions on the stamp in passport and forget to get more stamp visa in Thailand for more30 days. So i get overstay 30 dais i pay in airoport time liveout Thai , so naw i have a blacklist? Have a problem to get a new visa for visiting in Thailand?
    Thabk you

    1. There isn’t a blacklist for 30 day overstay but you will have to pay the fine of 500 Baht per day. Bring enough cash with you to the airport when you leave to pay this. Yo upay at a desk at Immigration when you leave the country

          1. can i fly to my home country in same time like if i buy ticket in august 15 and fly in august?
            after i pay 20000 baht?

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